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Common questions.

General Information

What is Sunnyside Supply Co.?

Sunnyside Supply Co. dedicates its efforts towards creating and educating a cooperative of local farmers in hemp cultivation techniques, constructing a hemp processing facility, consistently innovating in genetic hemp phenotypes, developing systems software and architecture, and optimizing farming equipment. Additionally, the company focuses on creating an efficient and positive corporate model and culture by utilizing organizational behavioral research and techniques. Through a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, Sunnyside Supply Co. has made a commitment to reforestation initiatives, carbon offsetting, and ecosystem revival. These modern business and advantageous principles are what distinguish Sunnyside Supply Co. from other hemp/cbd businesses. Learn more about us here:

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free for orders more than $60. For orders less than $60 we offer a flat rate shipping cost of $4.

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